We are looking to hire a part time position to help us AROUND THE RALEIGH NC AREA.  Information can be found here.  Please contact Scott Carpenter using the information below if you are interested.

Soil Plus operates across the Carolinas and throughout the Southeast, but our home office is located in Oxford, NC.  If you would like to learn more about our Company you may contact us at:


PO Box 1396

Oxford, NC 27565

Soil Plus is currently staffed by 2 agronomists that services larger companies that operate Land Application, Septage, Agricultural/Industrial Programs, and a Compost Facility.  Both of our Agronomists specialize in the beneficial reuse of biosolids as fertilizer and soil amendments.  

Scott Carpenter graduated of NC State University in 2000 with a B.S. in Natural Resources Concentration in Soil & Water Systems.  Scott has worked with a large range of companies since graduating, but started working with Soil Plus in the Spring of 2007.  His experiences of agriculture, wastewater, and engineering has grown Soil Plus in a trusted Nutrient Management Firm.

Scott holds several Licenses and Certifications:

Va Certified Nutrient Management Planner #458 2003     NC Land Application of Residual Operator #26707 2001

NC Licensed Soil Scientist #1260 2004                            ASA Certified Professional Soil Scientist #28048 2017

NC Spray Irrigation Water Pollution Control System Operator #27679 2002  

ASA Certified Crop Advisor 2017

Scott Specializes in the Marketing & Distribution of Class A Biosolids (Especially Heat Dried), Database Management, and utilizing GIS/UAV for field management.

How you can reach Scott



Drew Matthews graduated NC State University in 2014 with a B.S. in Natural Resources Concentration in Soil & Water Systems.  He has worked with Soil Plus since his graduation and has been a valuable asset with Program Management.  Drew has excelled in the Production of Biosolids, Sampling Protocols/Client Management and Grower Relations.  He has obtained his NC Land Application of Residual Operator and is working towards becoming a NC Licensed Soil Scientist.

How you can reach Drew