Since 2007 Soil Plus has worked with over 150 Class B Programs across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic States to develop & sustain land application programs.


OUR Programs

Our programs develop partnerships between Generators and a Growers that can best be summarized by providing Growers with essential nutrients that help supplement their Nutrient Management Programs .  As Soil Fertility Experts & Agronomists, Soil Plus is continually growing a network of Growers and Generators so that we can provide supplemental nutrients at the right place and time.  These products also act as Bio-stimulants that invigorate the soil media. 

Through decades of research, the scientific and agricultural communities have come to understand that municipal sludge or “biosolids” contain valuable nutrients and organic matter that improve the soil in a way similar to animal manures
— Julia Gaskin, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, UGA CES


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To help track and monitor our programs Soil Plus developed a database management program called AGMAN.  AGMAN was initially designed to help us track the Cumulative Pollutant Loading Rate (CPLR; 503 Heavy Metal Loading).  It has evolved into a Nutrient Management program that assists our Agronomists Plan, Calculate, Track, and Report field activities for all our Class B & Class A program. 





Becoming involved in one of our Class B Programs is simple.  Simply fill out a Land Owner Agreement Form and mail it to Soil Plus.  This form is a contract between the Regulatory Agency, the Generator, and the Grower.  

Buffer Map

Buffer Map

After we receive your Land Owner Agreement Form, our Agronomists/Soil Scientists will meet you at the farm to perform a site inspection.  The inspection includes performing soil borings to map your farm's soil type(s), collect background soil samples, fly your property with small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and generate maps showing useable area.  Using this information we will prepare an application to the State which will certify your land to receive biosolids from permitted generating sources.  


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Detailed Soil Description

Detailed Soil Description