Heat dried biosolids have been around for 40 years through varies, but it has not been since the past 10 - 15 years has the product really taken off.  With newer regulation and technology, municipalities have begun to realize that getting biosolids into a more useable form allows the product to become more integrated.  This process allows the product to be used in Fertilizer Blending, as a Agricultural Commodity, Turf and Sport Management Programs, and Bagging.  

Soil Plus provides the link between municipality production and the end user.  Acting as a Commodity Broker and depending on the product quality, Soil Plus will purchase the product, arrange/pay for transportation, and distribute it within our vast network of Clients.  

Soil Plus markets our product as PAN-P in reference to common biosolid terminology Plant Available Nitrogen - Phosphorus.  We maintain two fertilizer labels of PAN-P 5-4-0 (Aerobic; Undigested Biosolids) and PAN-P 4-3-0 (Anaerobic Biosolids).  A brochure on the product can be found here.  Additional information can be found on our web page here.